TOPIC: Increase in the Knowledge of Christ

Text: Matt 16:13-18.

The heavens and earth were not built by magic or by prayers and fasting rather, they were built by the Word of God. Though God have different ways of manifesting His power yet, He never does anything without His word. So, you must use the Word of God in creating anything you desire in your life as a Christian. That is why Apostle Paul commended the people to the Word of God at the end of his ministry (Acts 20:32). Everything you see today are created by God’s word and He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

The Importance of the Knowledge of Christ
Jesus never left any material things for His disciples before He ascended into heaven. What Jesus left for them was His word (Acts 1:4-9), which is the Gospel. Apostle Paul called it the Word of Life (1JN 1:1). We are not sent to preach miracles, healing or prophecy but the Word of God.

“When you have the right knowledge, you will have the right life.”

What you are, is the product of what you have. So, knowledge is powerful, that is why Romans chapter 12 verse 2 talks about the Christian renewing of his mind. Previously, I said a man became a medical doctor because he was imparted with medical knowledge, “it is simply a product of knowledge”

When Jesus asked His disciples about who they say He was, they could not answer instantly because they don’t have the rhema to give answer to Him but Peter said He is the Son of the living God. Thereafter, Jesus said “no man has revealed this to Peter except His father” (Matt 16:13-18). When Jesus said “upon the rock I will build my church”, He was not referring to Peter but He was talking about the revelation (Rhema) that God gave to Peter about Him which is “Jesus is the son of God”.

So, Jesus is the foundation of the church, the church is built on a person which is “Jesus” and this is what we are called to preach. That is why you see that every book of the Apostles carries the same message because they are talking about the same person “Jesus”.

Some of the Importance of the Knowledge of Christ
1.) When your knowledge about Jesus is increasing, you become strong spiritually.
What makes you strong is not prayer, though we are commanded to pray (1 Thes 5:16). There is no Christian that can be stronger more than what he knows because if you have a poor knowledge about Christ, you will be weak also. Strength is not in miracles, signs and wonders nor casting out of demons because these things are just a gift from the Holy Spirit.

Thus, they are not what I mean when I said been strong in the increase of the knowledge of Christ. When I mention strength, I’m talking about the ability to stand against trials and temptations of life. This is where the capacity of your strength as a Christian is been revealed. Strength is your ability to overcome the flesh when it is subduing you. Strength is an ability to sing songs of praises to God even in time of bitterness. Therefore, the more of Jesus you know the stronger you get in the things of God.

2.) The knowledge of Jesus gives you more knowledge about yourself.
When you look at everybody from the flesh, you will condemn everybody, so you must see Christ in every Christian. Don’t judge men from the flesh because the flesh is weak, and every Christian is in the spirit (Jesus) from the day He gets born again (Rom 8:9).

In 1Cor 3:16-17, 1Cor 6:17:20 the Apostle in the above scriptures was addressing Christians that are fornicating but he never condemned them rather he condemned their act by making them realized who they are. That is why you must be careful on how you judge Christians who has the Holy Spirit in them because they are children of God (Jn 1:11-12).

Beloved, increase your knowledge about Christ by renewing your mind through the Word of God.

May the Lord bless His words in Jesus name.