Testimony of Mrs. Mary.
In the month of June, my son was sent to withdraw money from A T M, but he never came back. We searched everywhere and reported to the Police Station, but couldn’t find him. The next month, a friend told me to come to TAC for counseling and prayer.

On Tuesday 7th July, I met the man of God, Rev Goddowell. I told him all that happened then he prayed with me and told me that my son is not dead. He said my son will call me and afterwards he will come back. Surprisingly, that same day by 10pm my son called me, and said he is presently in Agbor, Delta State and he doesn't know how he got there. We sent him transport fare and he came back to us on 9th of July hale and healthy.

My family and I return all the praise to the Almighty God.
Praise the Lord!

Testimony of Sis. Success
My menstrual cycle seized since 2014, and all medications proved abortive. In the year 2020, February precisely at TAC, the man of God Rev Goddowell Ivworin located me on the overflow while he was ministering prayers and prophecies. He declared to me “Your cycle is RESTORED” and as he laid his hand on me, I felt a sharp pain on my lower abdomen.

Afterwards, I rushed down to the rest room and discovered my undies soaked with blood. After that encounter my menstrual cycle has been flowing normally.
Praise the Lord!

Testimony of Sis. Ugo
I joined this commission in the year 2018 and before now, nobody had ever gotten married in my family even though we were of marriageable age. We were opportune to see the man of God, Rev Goddowell. He prayed with us for marital open doors in our family. He told us that every member of our family will henceforth experience marital celebration.

Glory to God! Between the year 2018 to 2020 every member of my family is married.
Praise the Lord!

Testimony of Bro. Kingsley
Previously, I used to go to different hospitals for medical attention and treatment because of different health challenges (malaria, typhoid, blood shortage, e.t.c), but no medical treatment seemed to work. On 19th July 2020, the man of God, Rev. Goddowell Ivworin while ministering under the prophetic unction mentioned my case and I quickly ran out. He prayed with me and gave me a mantle to use as a sponge to bath.

Within 3 days, my body system changed, and I felt a lot better for the first time. I went to the hospital to rerun some tests and the results were negative. Today, I am enjoying good health to the glory of God.
Praise the Lord!

Testimony of Sis Mabel
My husband travelled to Senegal since April 24th, 2016. For 4 years things were so difficult for him. I met with the man of God Rev Goddowell he prayed for my husband through me and prophetically declared that things will turn around for good.

A Short while after his prayers, I got an alert on my phone from my bank. I thought the bank made a mistake until my husband called me later that he sent me money and that God had intervened and turned things around for good.

I return all the glory to God for confirming the word of the man of God over my husband.
Praise the Lord!

Testimony of Brother E. Joseph
It was many years of tragic experience in my family due to high blood pressure. My father, Mother, Uncles, and many other relatives all died as a result of this satanic ailment. It was like a spell in my family; we were all living in fear. However, I have always known that my case is different since I joined TAC and started enjoying the true gospel in this ministry.

During one of our Friday’s Prophetic Prayer Services in January, the man of God prophetically prayed for me and I acted on his prophetic instructions. To God be the glory! High blood pressure of 10yrs experience miraculously stopped and all the members of my family are finally free from this terrible ailment. Praise God
Praise the Lord!

Testimony of Sis Rose
I came to TAC with a heavy heart 3 years ago believing God for marital settlement because age was no longer on my side. In one of the Sunday Services, when the Man of God was ministering to the congregation in prayers, he got to where I was standing, he prayed for me and prophesied to me that on my way home after service I will meet with my husband.

It happened exactly as he prophesied. I met my husband in the vehicle I boarded back to my state, something that started as a mere conversation finally resulted in marriage. Today, I’m happily married with beautiful child.
Praise the Lord!

Testimony of Sis Juliette
For 7 years I was under the torment of a severe migraine headache that refused to go. Every medication and medical advice failed until I encounter the God of TAC. It was during one Friday Prophetic Service in the Month of June, the man of God Rev Goddowell Ivworin located me through prophecy and told me how someone gave me a knock in my dream. Since then I have been experiencing severe migraine headache.

He prayed for me and I felt cold sensation in my brain. After that supernatural encounter and till date, there is no more headache, I no longer depend on pills. I am hale and hearty.
Praise the Lord!

Testimony of Bro Jude
Sometimes ago. I woke up struggling to breathe. I was rushed to hospital, but all medications given to me had little or no relief. I began to have sleepless nights du to pains in my lungs. In July, I attended TAC on a Sunday service and God’s servant, Rev Goddowell Ivworin laid hands on me as he walked round the congregation. Instantly, I vomited poisonous substance and felt immediate relief from the pain in my lungs.

Praise God! Today, I sleep very well without struggling to breath.
Praise the Lord!

Testimony of Sis Dorothy
I noticed in 3 Months a strange movement in my body that makes me restless all the time. I went for a body scan in the hospital to ascertain what was wrong with me, but nothing was found. I decided to trust God for my healing. I met Rev. Goddowell Ivworin in his office during a counselling day, he prayed with me and declared “GO, THE MOVEMENT IS GONE”.

I left his office believing that I’ve been healed. That night I dreamt I was defecating worms. Since then, no more strange movement in my body and restlessness.
Praise the Lord!

Testimony of Sister Rejoice
Sometimes in the month of September 2020, I had a very weird bleeding, and it wasn't my monthly flow. I went for scanning, and the scan shown that I was perfect. During a Friday prophetic service in October, the man of God, Rev Goddowell Ivworin made a prophetic utterance that "anyone who have bleeding issue should come out". I came out by faith among others.

He laid hands and prayed for me, instantly I felt something dropped from my private part. I went to the rest room afterward to check myself. Lo! it was a thick blood. After that experience, the bleeding stopped.
Praise the Lord!

Testimony of Mrs. Promise
My family and I started attending this commission earlier last year. I have an 8 years old daughter with a hearing inability since birth. In one of our prophetic prayer services in the month of August 2021, during the prayer line section, my daughter was among the people that was prayed for by the man of God.

As he was laying hands on those afflicted and praying for them, many received instant healing. I kept praying that God should open my daughter's ears through his servant. When he got to my daughter, he laid his hands on her ears and prayed.

Miraculously her hearing ability came alive and for the first time in 8 years, my daughter can hear me clearly without any sign accompanied it. I’m so excited my daughter’s hearing is restored to the glory of God.
Praise the Lord!

Testimony of Sis Ijeoma .A
I attended Marital Settlement program tagged “I MUST MARRY WELL”. Prior to this time, I was believing God for marital settlement which led to my endless search for solution. At this time, my younger ones were all married with children and being the first child of my parent, it was quite an embarrassing and challenging period. To God be the glory, during the program, God used His servant to reveal the cause of the delay in marriage in my life. Shortly after the prophetic encounter with the man of God, I met my husband, praise God! I am now happily married.
Praise the Lord!

Testimony of Bro Tony .O
I return all thanks to God for a wonderful breakthrough. I attended one of the prophetic power service in Truth Aflame Inl't Church with the picture of my sister who was 48yrs old in 2016 and believing God for marital settlement. In the cause of the service, the man of God was laying hands on people, I presented my sister’s picture with faith and he said “I release this sister to marry”. Today, my sister is happily married. Glory be to God.
Praise the Lord!

Testimony of Vincent O.
I have been suffering from leg ulcer for the past 13 years. I have gone to all manner of places but to no avail until someone invited me to this commission and was opportuned to receive the "Water of Life" and the "Oil of Answer". To my greatest surprise after applying it within a very short period of time my leg ulcer that had a mighty sour got healed by the power of God.
Praise the Lord!

Testimony of Mercy A.
In the month of January 2017 I was financially broke, so I came to the church and placed my last financial seed on the church altar and prayed that God should favour me. After placing that seed on the altar things turn around for me and my family. My daughter school fees was miracolously paid.
Secondly: My daughter's friend was sick and was hospitalized due to poisioning. Then I gave my daughter the blessed "Water of Life" that was given to us by God's servant Rev. Goddowell Ivworin to use it on behalf of her friend. After using the water, 30 minutes later her friend called her that she is healed and in sound condition.
Praise the Lord!

Testimony of Sis. Elohor V.
My husband came for a Sunday service on 8th January 2017 and the man of God Rev. Goddowell gave a prophetic declaration that who ever is due for delivery will deliver safely. My husband came home and gave me this word of knowledge and I claimed it immediately. The next morning I got to the hospital and the doctors told me that I will deliver through operation. With faith in my heart I took the church bracelet, placed it in my mouth, added ordinary water and drank it. Immediately I did that, labour came and to the glory of God I delivered a bouncing baby boy without operation.
Praise the Lord!

Testimony of Sis. Aito F.
My mother had an accident in the month of July 2016 that affected her right leg, so she was placed on POP and was walking with the aid of clutches. I was opportuned to receive the oil of answer and water of life which I sent to my mother. She kept applying it on herself and today my mother is walking properly now without the clutches.
Secondly: My father stepped on poison in the April 2016 and it affected both legs. The legs were swollen and was gushing out water. I also sent the oil of answer and water of life to him and as he applied it, the swollen on his legs disappeared and the sour was healed as well.
Thirdly: I received a phone call last month November 18th that my father couldn't speak and that he was ill. So I personally travelled home to see him with the blessed mantle given to me by God's servant Rev. Goddowell. So I placed the blessed mantle on his head, immediately he manifested under the anointing. The next day he started t alking and now he is very sound and healthy.
Praise the Lord!

Testimony of Sis. Ochuko B.
Everything have turn around for my good since I joined this commission right from 2013. I got married in April 2014. During one of our Power Sunday services the man of God, Rev. Goddowell Ivworin prophetically located my husband and told him that there is a letter waiting for him, he also blessed us with a bottle of wine and decreed sweetness over our lives. After the prayers, my husband applied for a vacancy in Delta State Judiciary. To God be the glory he was called to pick up his appointment letter in the month of November 2015 and to crown it all my husband was sworn in as the president of Customary court February 2016.
Praise the Lord!

Testimony of Sis. Princess O.
I have been practicing lesbianism for some years, I don't see men to be anything and I always see myself in the water world with people bowing down to me. During our Friday prophetic prayer service on the 9th December 2016, God's servant Rev. Goddowell prophetically located me, prayed and delivered me and I manifested under the anointing of God. I have been to several churches but to no avil, I am here to appreciate the God of this commission for setting me free. Since then I no longer practice that bad act, am set free and I no longer see myself in the water world. I am so very happy for what God has done for me.
Praise the Lord!

Testimony of Sis. Loveth E.
On the 25th October I had a dream and a huge man in a black attire was using knife to cut my neck and when I woke up I saw a cut on my neck physically. Since then I started experiencing severe problems on my neck but on the 28th October 2016 during our five nights of prophecy with power programme, God's servant Rev. Goddowell anointed my hand and I fell under the anointing and immediately that severe pain on my neck totally disappeared.
Praise the Lord!

Testimony of Sis Lilian A.
During my pregnancy the doctor told me that the baby in my womb was 1.5kg and the delivery will be very stressful in which an operation will be carried out and even after delivery the baby will be placed in an incubator. So in one of our services God's servant Rev. Goddowell called me out and prayed for me and also told me that I will deliver safely and not through operation.
He gave me the "water of life" and I drank of it, on my due date God made me to deliver my first baby while I was even standing and after some few minutes I delievered my second child and they weighed 2.5kg. Indeed the God of this commission is awesome and worthy to be praise.
Praise the Lord!

Testimony of Bro. Vincent O.
I want to testify to the goodness of God in my life. I have been believing God for a male child for some years now. During this period my wife has been having series of miscarriages and this continued for about 5 years, not until I invited my wife to this commission on a Friday prophetic prayer service and the man of God prayed for those believing God for the fruit of the womb and my wife keyed into the prophetic prayer. One week later she was confirmed pregnant. To God be the glory my wife has delivered safely a bouncing baby boy.
Praise the Lord!

Testimony of Bro. Abraham B.
I was suffering from spiritual wife problem which started in the month of April 2016, this strange woman always visit me on a daily basis. This problem also affected my business and all my customers left me. Then during one of our Friday prophetic prayer service God's servant Rev. Goddowell Ivworin prophetically located me, prayed and delivered me. After the prayers of the man of God I slept very well that night and since then till now that strange woman never came back, moreover all my customers that left me started calling me and today my business has been restored.
Praise the Lord!

Testimony of Bro. Ese U.
I became a full member of this ministry from February 2016 though I have been fellowshipping here occassionally. Before now I have been struggling and living from hand to mouth but my encounter with the God of this commission has changed my story. The God of this commission blessed me with a pharmacy of my own and now God has miracolously blessed me with a car.
Praise the Lord.

Testimony of Sis. Gift O.
For sometimes now I and my husband have been experiencing delay and disappointment especially in the area of our finances. We have been struggling to raise money to rent an office, each time we gather, the finances will just scatter. Then on the 1st of October 2016, God's servant Rev. Goddowell Ivworin made a declaration that God will locate people with breakthroughs. So I keyed into it and use a seed to seal it up at the church altar and within the same week financial doors where open and we were able to rent a very good office and to crown it all God blessed us with a miracle car.
Praise the Lord.