Sunday Sermon

Rev Goddowell Ivworin ministering on the topic:"Jesus teachings on Salvation and Discipleship" with text from Jn 6:41-56

Teaching is the primary assignment of the believer. The content of the teaching of Jesus that aroused murmuring among the people was that He is the bread of life. The word everlasting life speaks of eternal life which is the life of God (Zoe) and anybody who has this life cannot go to hell.

The believer is not to be carried away by miracles but by the truth. You are matured as a believer when you seek the truth. Anybody who have eternal life have the assurance of eternity because it is what guarantee you for eternity.

(Eph 1:13) The Holy Spirit in a man is God's D.N.A in a man, it is what connect you and God together it is called adaption. You cannot seperate God from the Holy spirit, this is how the union between God and man is. It is by the in dwelling of the Holy spirit.

Things to note in (Jn 6:41)
To eat and to drink in this context of teaching in (Jn 6:56) means to believe. There is no connection between this scripture and the word communion, as people normally referred to which has to do with the eating of bread and drinking of wine, it speaks of fellowship.

ASCEND: Ascension is ressurection. Jesus made it clear that until the ressurrection nothing will change because by His resurrection a life is given. (Jn 3:14-15) He also referred to what happened to the Isrealites when they were bitten by snakes. So eternal life is given when the resurrection took place (Jn 12:32-36).

Eternal life is given to all men irrespective of who they are whether good or bad. To access the power of His death, burial and resurrection is to believe that by having faith, eternal life is yours. God did not save you to leave you alone, He saved you to keep you. We are not called to preach sin but we are to preach the righteousness of God. Those who recieve this righteousness becomes righteous and with sound teachings they overcome sin in their walk with God and in due time their fruit of righteousness becomes evidential to all men.

Shall we continue in sin that Grace may abound? (Rom 6:1)
What brought us out of sin is salvation, so it's not possible for the believer to continue in sin. Any man that is not in Christ is a sinner, so the believer is not in sin because he is in Christ. The unbeliever is darkness while the believer is light.

Wrong doing does not make you a sinner, though it has it's own consequences (Rom 6:23). Eternal life is the cure for sin and eternal life comes from the ressurrection (Cor 15:14-17). It does not matter how good you are if Christ has not risen certainly you will remain in your sin "that is to say you cannot access Heaven as you like, it is not by your good works but by faith in the ressurection because faith in the resurrection is the end of sin".

Salvation is not by works but by grace, so you make Heaven by what Jesus has done. Jesus also taught about discipleship. Discipleship is teaching somebody to live the life that he has in God here on earth.

Being born again does not produce reward because it is Gos work, not yours (Matt 16:24, 10:38-39). You are God's project, He invested so much on you so that you can bear fruit. So God's reward is in service, not in salvation rember Jesus taught service as sacrifice.

Reward is like a salary pay and divine reward is God's pay for the Believer who have rendered service to the kingdom. No man can be saved except he believe on the resurrection, so we have one condition to make heaven which is to believe in what Christ has done (Psm 10:3)

The work of Christ deals with our weakness otherwise no man can make Heaven.

If you believe in the resurrection, your sins are forgiven this is what we call salvation so when you say you are born-again, you are a citizen of Heaven (Phil 3:20). It means you have a legal right to everything in the kingdom of God.

You do not work to make Heaven, rather you believe and you become a citizen (Eph 1:13-14). The Holy Spirit is therefore the proof of your citizenship, so until you are born-again you cannot inherit the kingdom.

We have eternal life in us which our assurance for eternity. The coming of Christ is not to look for His people but to take them because He already knows them by the indwelling of the Holy Ghost in us (Belivers). (Jn 6:62-63, Rom 8:11) The teachings of Christ gives us assurance of eternal life.

Any teaching that arises doubt about your salvation is not of God. When you have the Holy Ghost, you are a child of God.

The new creation means born again. (Jn 6:51-56) The quickening of your mortal body speaks of the new creature, it means that it's Spirit gives life. If any man does not have the Spirit which is the Holy Spirit, He is not a candidate or citizen of Heaven. The only criteria or access to Heaven is believing in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Jesus teachings concerning salvation is faith in the resurrection.

Discipleship is training into maturity to enable the believer do ministry. Jesus in teaching discipleship, He taught about commitment and sacrifice (Luk 9:23). The word Save in the above scripture (Luk 9:23-26) talks protection, preservation.

When we engage in God's word we accumulate power. So loosing your life for the sake of the kingdom talks about commitment and your ability to preach the gospel is commitment and sacrifice.

When we say we love God, it is committment and sacrifice because serving God is not convinient but it's by grace. Your committment towards kingdom purpose is the activation of kingdom inheritance.

What disqualifies your reward is lack of committment and sacrifice. Reward are the product of commitment and sacrifice and it comes according to your commitment and sacrifice you put into the kingdom.


May the Lord bless His words in our hearts in Jesus name... Amen!