• You will finish this year very well!
  • In this year you will show forth & manifest the life of God!
  • Whatever that is taken from you will come back this year!
  • Receive power to dominate & prosper in 2018!!
  • What good dreams and visions you have for the year, receive power to fulfil them!
  • You will go to places that your enemies think you will never go to!

Indeed God is doing great things in the midst of his people through His servant. Read these testimonies and see them duplicated in your life. Click below:

Welcome to 2018 Our Year of Increase

We the Christians live by the scripture and not by what people say or the circumstances around us so we should not believe that the end of the year is always bad. Eccl 7:8 says the end of a thing shall be better than the beginning, though there might be some fact that it will end bad but you should conquer the fact with the truth which is the word of God.

The angels brought good news to the people and the good news was the birth of Jesus.

The Scriptures made us to understand that as a born-again, you are from Abraham and if God has blessed Abraham as He called him, then you are programmed to Increase in every area of your life because your root or foundation is blessed.

Therefore, you must experience Increase spiritually, in quality and in every area of your life. This kind of Increase can only be caused by God not by man. Beloved, as you work in His will this year, you shall experience supernatural increase on every side in Jesus name. Amen!

As being inspired by the Holy Spirit, God's servant Rev. Goddowell Ivworin has declared 2018 as "Our Year of Increase"

We Celebrate You


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